The 2014 Feeding America Hunger study confirmed what the Ashe Food Pantry already knew-far too many of our senior neighbors were forced to make tough choices: food or medicine? food or heat?  food or gas? Partnering with Generations Ashe, together we are able to get healthy food delivered to home bound seniors.  Fresh, healthy fruits for snacks are shared each week.  In addition, “adult friendly backpacks” go out at the end of each week.  Special consideration is taken to provide nutritious foods that are simple and easy to prepare.  Often, given the choice, an individual might skip a meal rather than prepare something that requires a lot of time and energy.  All these things are factors as we make food selections for the senior population.  
"The senior backpack project we have developed through our partnership with Ashe Food Panry has been a lovely complement to our home-delivered meals program. Prior to this project, the meals delivered each Friday were the last food some participants would have available until the meal delivery the following Monday. Often, they nibbled on poor quality snack foods through the weekend or perhaps ate very little at all. The backpacks offer ready-to-eat, convenient food to bridge the gap between deliveries. Furthermore, the fresh produce and eggs we often receive have been a highlight for our participants. These items offer fresh, wholesome, nutrient-rich and convenient options that our participants might not otherwise have access to. Finally, our volunteers are so thrilled to offer this bonus delivery to the participants with the highest needs. They are often just as excited to give the backpacks and produce as our participants are to receive them," Patricia Calloway, Executive Director of Generations Ashe. Should you wish to enrolled in the program, please contact

(336) 246-2461 and ask for Brenda or Glenda