Frequently Asked Questions

Here's several questions we hear pretty often about our services, about our hours we are open

How does one receive services from the Ashe Food Pantry?

In order to be a client of the Ashe Food Pantry, the client must provide a photo I.D. during their initial visit. If the I.D. does not have an Ashe County address, another proof of residency is required such as a phone bill, power bill, doctor bill, or lease.

What type of assistance does the Ashe Food Pantry provide?

We provide only food assistance. Our MONTHLY boxes of food consist of canned and dried food staples. We also provide frozen meat, fresh produce, eggs and fresh milk subject to availability.

Am I allowed to pick up food for another resident of Ashe County?

In order to pick up food for another person, that person would need to present themselves the first time with their photo I.D. They would then be qualified and added to our roster of clients. On subsequent visits their food could then be released with a written directive from the person requesting their food to be picked up.

What are the days and hours of operation?

Typically, we are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10am to 2pm. However, due to COVID, our method of distribution has changed to a drive through system. Dates and times of the drive through distribution are determined by weather and supply of food. In order to find out when the next drive through will be conducted we inform you by: a) The LED sign by the road-Highway 88 b) Call trees are sent out the night before the distribution (if you are not getting these calls, please let the person checking you in know and we will add your name and number. c) Facebook post: like us at AsheFoodPantry d) Answering machine message recorded at 336-846-7019

What can I donate?

We accept financial donations as we can stretch financial donations with our partnership with Second Harvest to buy more food than an individual can purchase. Financial donations can be mailed to Ashe Food Pantry, PO Box 705, Jefferson, NC 28640. Online donations can be made securely at We also accept donations of time and unexpired foods.

Does the Ashe Food Pantry have a brokerage account to which a donor can transfer stock?

Yes. Please call 336 846-7019 and ask to speak with Michael Sexton for the four items you will need to make your transfer.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. Once the treasurer enters your financial donation, an Acknowledgement of Charitable Contribution is mailed. Online donations will receive the Acknowledge of Charitable Contribution by email.

Can I make a donation in honor or memory of someone?

Yes. The Ashe Food Pantry will mail a card to honor the person or their next of kin. This information needs to be made available with your check or online it can be entered in the “memo” area.