The Operation Backpack is an innovative pantry program that puts healthy, child-appropriate food in the neediest little hands. We are proud to offer a program committed to serving hungry children year round. This is described as a dual program because it addresses food insecurity for the family AND their children. During the school year, a large family portion of canned & dried food staples, eggs, frozen meat, and other items are delivered to the family home. Ninetyeight percent of these households do not ever visit the Ashe Food Pantry. Often special items like milk, fresh vegetables, gift cards, and school supplies are donated to supplement the regular delivery. During the school year, healthy backpacks go home through the school each week through our partnership with Ashe County Middle School, Mountain View Elementary, Westwood Elementary and the Nest Alliance, insuring that the children always have food to eat. In addition, our strong partnership with the Migrant Education Coordinator for Ashe County has been very successful in working with families with children who work in agriculture. Operation Backpack provides daily snacks and weekend backpacks for ALL children in ALL three elementary schools who have been in Literacy Camp over the summers. These are some of our neediest communities.



How to sign up

Contact your child’s teacher or school counselor for details. Every effort will be made to keep your information private and discrete.  operation Backpack operates under anonymity to protect the privacy of children and their families as hunger and poverty are often highly stigmatized in our society.



How can I help?

to keep  operation Backpack running, we rely on our local school systems, other non-profits, volunteers and donors like you! If you know of a child or family in need, please talk to a teacher or counselor at your school. to help sponsor a child or make a donation, please contact Michael Sexton by email at: